Strange Enough e-book series

Don’t miss Spiders Are Strange Enough, the first in the Strange Enough series of science e-books,

Some people love spiders. Some people are terrified of them, but everyone agrees that they are kind of strange. In this first book in the Strange Enough series of science and nature books, you’ll find all kinds of strange information about spiders and the people who love (or hate) them. You’ll find spider babies that eat their moms, scientists who give spiders drugs, spiders that build submarines, spiders in myth and folklore,spiders cover and a few speculations on the causes of arachnophobia—plus lots more. If you love spiders, you’ll love this book. If you’re not too wild about spiders, this book might help you appreciate them a tiny bit—or maybe give you even more reason to hate them. Either way, it will be fun. Come on, now. Just reading about spiders can’t hurt you.

You can get it at Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, all you have to do is download the Kindle reading app to your computer or tablet and you’ll be all set.


“In this factual but humorous book, Spiders Are Strange Enough­­, spiders are served up mixed with mythology and folklore, along with a good dollop of “gross,” making for a very fun read. Science writer Avery Elizabeth Hurt shares her fascination with these creatures using fun facts, interesting myth-busting stories, and irreverent asides that will leave you laughing out loud.” — Catherine D. Hughes, Senior Editor, National Geographic KIDS magazine