M is for Magic

Neil Gaiman

HarperCollins, 2007


This collection of short stories intended for young readers, by the author of The Graveyard Book, is a perfect example of how good literature can transcend age levels. Many of the stories in M is for Magic are also in Fragile Things and Smoke and Mirrors, Gaiman’s collections intended for adult readers.

The stories in this collection include a funny and sweet story about an elderly woman who picks up the Grail at a second-hand shop (yes, you read that right — THE Grail, as in Holy Grail) and the enchanting young man who comes looking for it; a very creepy story about a stray cat; and a disturbing story about a runaway who finds a friend in a cemetery. And speaking of cemeteries, if you’ve read The Graveyard Book, you will recognize one of the stories: “The Witch’s Headstone.”

These stories cover so many styles and so many themes that there are bound to be more than a few to delight you in this superb collection of some of Gaiman’s best.