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About the Book Reviews

These are some books that I like, and you might, too. You will notice that they cover a wide range of reading levels (and subjects). I like Shakespeare and I like Junie B. Jones. And I really don’t like being told that I should stick with one reading level or should limit my interests. I imagine that you feel the same way. But just in case (and to make your parents and teachers and librarians happy) I have included information for reading/interest level. Early Grades means roughly first grade (6 years old) to third grade (8 years old). Middle grades, fourth through eighth grades (ages 9-13), and young adult, ninth (age 14) and up. I will identify these as EG, MG, and YA. Remember these are very rough categories, intended to give you an idea of what to expect more than to suggest what you might enjoy or be able to read.

You will also notice that many of these books aren’t new. Some are, but most are just books that I like for one reason or another and want to share with you.