March 12, 2017

Talking Plants

Do you talk to your plants? Do they talk back? Plants may not have much to say to you, but they definitely talk to each other. […]
February 15, 2017

Belly Brain

“Guts for Brains!” It sounds like an insult, but it might be a compliment. As least it’s kind of true. That’s right. You have a brain […]
February 9, 2017

You Can Predict The Future

Have you ever wondered how fortunetellers do it? They must get some things right or they’d be out of business. Even people who go to fortunetellers […]


April 3, 2016

Fibonacci Numbers

Numbers are practical and handy things, very useful for counting and identifying your mailbox and so on. But they can be pretty amazing, too. Take Fibonacci […]
March 10, 2016

Is It Done Yet?

It takes a lot of energy to squeeze somebody to death. You probably haven’t give this much thought, but it is something boa constrictors have to […]
February 24, 2012

Leap Year

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your homework, I have some good news for you: You get an extra day this year. 2012 is a […]
April 10, 2011

Remember, Remember

  We sometimes think of our memories as a sort of mental DVD or computer disk where our brains record things that happen to us. You […]